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Masterclasses from leading professionals designed for coaches and players to stay ahead of the game.

During this unsettled time we wanted to do something extra special to support our community, so we have teamed up with some brilliant Hockey experts to bring you a Free 'Hockey at Home' Masterclass Series that you and your family can enjoy from the comfort of your own space.

Every week, starting Monday 6th April, we are going to bring you practical advice for coaches and aspiring coaches, skills training for players, specialist mastery for Goalkeepers and no nonsense strength and conditioning for improving your hockey fitness.

All you have to do is register below and we will deliver the masterclasses directly to your inbox each week.

Mondays - Coaching the coaches, with Steph Brennan: Steph's aim is to bring relevant and relatable chunks of practical advice for coaches and aspiring coaches through this period, which can be applied to not only coaching, but all aspects of life.

Wednesdays - Skills session with Callum Giles: Callum represented England & Great Britain at the Atlanta and Sydney Olympic games & was the country’s top goal scorer for just over 14 years. Callum will be providing skills videos and sessions for you and the children to do from your home.

Fridays - Goal keeper mastery, with Tom Millington: Tom & Fortitude will be providing Goal Keeper specialist videos to keep the mind and body occupied during this period.

Saturdays - Hockey fitness, with Adam Jordan: Adam explains how as an ex EHL and National League player his game relied heavily on speed and fitness. Adam's day job is leading the space at 7R where they pride themselves in delivering no nonsense strength and conditioning and Adam will be offering advice for how you can improve your fitness specifically for the hockey field, even during lockdown.

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